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Speaker Position City State/Prov Country
Ken Abraham Former Deputy Attorney General, Delaware Dover DE USA
Arnold K. Adkins, Jr. Special Agent, United States Drug Enforcement Administration (Ret.) Columbia MD USA
MacKenzie Allen Retired Deputy Sheriff Santa Fe NM USA
Daniel-Paul Alva Former Assistant District Attorney Philadelphia PA USA
John Amabile Former Assistant Attorney General Boston area MA USA
Richard Amos Retired Special Agent, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Melbourne FL USA
John Anderson Former Correctional Officer Nanaimo BC Canada
James Anthony Former Community Prosecutor Oakland CA USA
John Baeza Retired NYPD Detective Brooksville FL USA
John Baker Retired Sergeant, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Parker CO USA
Joseph Baldi Retired Police Officer Sacramento CA USA
Dean Becker Former Air Force Security Policeman Houston TX USA
Romesh Bhattacharji Former Commissioner of Narcotics New Delhi India
Stephen Bradley Former Patrol Supervisor Atlanta GA USA
Nate Bradley Former Deputy Sheriff Sheridan CA USA
Fabio Braga Forensic Police Officer Brasilia Brazil
David Bratzer Constable Victoria BC Canada
David Brown Former Prosecutor Baton Rouge LA USA
Dominick Bucci Retired State Trooper Seaside Park NJ USA
Arnold Byron Retired United States Customs Inspector Burlington WA USA
Vince Cain Retired RCMP Chief Superintendent and Former British Columbia Chief Coroner Victoria BC Canada
Jerry Cameron Retired Chief of Police Saint Augustine FL USA
Larry Campbell Senator and Former Mayor Vancouver BC Canada
Rubens Casara State Court Judge Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil
Enrique Ceciliano Section Chief Jaco Puntarenas Costa Rica
Paulo Cesar de Oliviera Current Sergeant, Special Unit on Organized Crime Bahía Brazil
Francisco Chao de la Torre Police Officer Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil
Brian Chapman Former Probation Officer Dallas County TX USA
Lori Chassee Retired Criminal Investigator West Chicago IL USA
Kimberly Cheney Former Attorney General Stowe VT USA
Peter Christ Retired Police Captain Syracuse NY USA
Anthony Cincotti Retired Corrections Officer, State of Nevada Cape Coral FL USA
Michael Cindrich Former Prosecutor San Diego CA USA
David Clark Former Police Officer, North Charleston (SC) Police Department Houston TX USA
Walter Clark Former Deputy District Attorney Palm Desert CA USA
Jack Cole Retired State Police Lieutenant - Undercover Officer Medford MA USA
Beth Comery Former Patrol Officer Providence RI USA
William Cooke Former Prosecutor Baltimore MD USA
Rock Cowles Former Police Officer Boiling Springs SC USA
William John Cox Former Los Angeles Police Sergeant and Prosecutor for the State Bar of California Long Beach CA USA
Richard Craig Retired Police Lieutenant Tallahassee FL USA
Kenneth Crispin Retired Supreme Court Judge Sydney Australia
Jorge Da Silva Retired Colonel, Rio de Janeiro Military Police Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil
Siro Darlan de Oliveira Court of Appeals Judge Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil
Tim Datig Retired Chief of Police Egg Harbor NJ USA
Raeford Davis Retired Police Officer Charleston SC USA
Gustavo De Greiff Former Attorney General Colombia
John Delaney Retired District Court Judge Bryan TX USA
Gregory Denham Retired Police Officer Melbourne Australia
Nicholas Dial Former Deputy Sheriff, Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff’s Office Former Municipal Police Officer, Coolidge, AZ PD Mesa AZ USA
David Doddridge Retired Narcotics Officer and Military Police Officer St. George UT USA
James Doherty Former Chief Prosecutor Seattle WA USA
Justin Dolan Retired Police Detective Costa Rica
Stephen Downing Retired Deputy Chief of Police Los Angeles CA USA
James Duffy Retired Police Inspector Glasgow Scotland UK
Sean Dunagan Former DEA Senior Intelligence Research Specialist Washington DC USA
Devendra Dutt Former Deputy Chief, Narcotics Control Bureau New Delhi India
Carel Edwards Former Head of the European Commission’s Anti-Drug Policy Coordination Unit Brussels Belgium
Patrick Elie Former Secretary of State for Public Security Port-au-Prince Haiti
Jerry Epstein Former U.S. Marine Corps Officer Houston TX USA
George Eskin Retired Superior Court Judge Santa Barbara CA USA
Andrea Farnum Former Police Officer Santa Barbara CA USA
Diego Souza Ferreira Police Inspector Canoas Rio Grande do Sul Brazil
Danillo Ferreira Military Police Lieutenant Feira de Santana Bahia Brazil
Jay Fisher Prosecutor CO USA
Angus Fisk Retired Sergeant, New Zealand Police Uniform Branch Otago New Zealand
Jay Fleming Former Undercover Narcotics Officer Mohave Valley AZ USA
Matthew Fogg Retired Chief Deputy U.S. Federal Marshal Washington DC USA
Shelley Fox-Loken Retired Parole and Probation Officer/Correctional Counselor Portland OR USA
Marshall Frank Retired Police Captain Melbourne FL USA
Neill Franklin Retired State Police Major and Executive Director of LEAP White Hall MD USA
Leonard Frieling Former Judge and Practicing Attorney Lafayette CO USA
Inge Fryklund Former Assistant State’s Attorney Bend OR USA
Brian Gaughan Retired Police Officer Chicago IL USA
John Gayder Constable Niagara Falls ON Canada
Michael Gilbert Retired Corrections Official San Antonio TX USA
Diane Goldstein Retired Lieutenant Commander Santa Ana CA USA
Nina Graves Federal Law Enforcement Division Chief Washington DC USA
Jim Gray Retired Superior Court Judge Santa Ana CA USA
Robert Guest Former Prosecutor Kaufman TX USA
Jamie Haase Former Special Agent, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Fredericksburg VA USA
Jay Hall Police Lieutenant, Houston Police Department (Ret.) Houston TX USA
Karen Hawkes Retired Massachusetts State Trooper Boston area MA USA
Patrick Heintz Retired Counselor/Corrections Officer Agawam MA USA
Robert Hoffman Retired Chief of Police Crucita Manabi Ecuador
Regina Hufnagel Former Federal Corrections Officer Boston MA USA
Wes E Johnson Former Police Officer Tulsa OK USA
Gary Johnson Former Governor Albuquerque NM USA
Tim Johnson Retired Senior Patrol Officer Hilliard OH USA
Russell Jones Retired Narcotics Detective New Braunfels TX USA
Garry L. Jones Retired Corrections Officer Atlanta GA USA
Donald Jonz Former Judge San Antonio TX USA
John L. Kane Senior United States District Court Judge Denver CO USA
Maria Lucia Karam Retired Judge Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil
Jeff Kaufman Former Police Officer New York City NY USA
Kyle Kazan Retired Police Officer Long Beach CA USA
Komba Kemoh Assistant Superintendent of Police Brooksfield Freetown Sierra Leone
Richard Kennedy Retired Analyst, CIA Directorate of Intelligence/Economist Mason Neck (Lorton) VA USA
James Kenney Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer Winnipeg MB Canada
Larry Kirk Chief of Police MO USA
Ross Lander Retired Justice, Supreme Court of British Columbia Nanaimo BC Canada
David Lanoie Retired Special Sheriff Greenfield MA USA
Marina Lattavo Detective Inspector Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil
Leo E. Laurence Former Deputy Sheriff San Diego CA USA
Brian Leininger Former Assistant District Attorney Wyandotte County KS USA
David Long Former Special Agent, U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General, Division of Labor Racketeering San Francisco Bay Area CA USA
Randie Long Former Federal Prosecutor Nanaimo BC Canada
Ketil Lund Retired Supreme Court Justice Oslo Norway
Paul MacLean Retired State Trooper Concord NH USA
Annie Machon Former British Secret Service Intelligence Officer Germany
Leigh Maddox Special Assistant State's Attorney and Retired State Police Captain Baltimore MD USA
Leonardo Marcondes Machado Former Police Chief Santa Catarina Brazil
Fred Martens Retired Undercover Narcotics Agent Haledon NJ USA
Madeline Martinez Former Correctional Officer Portland OR USA
Thiago Luís Martins da Silva Current Police Chief Rio de Janiero Rio Brazil
Gordon McAllister Retired District Court Judge Queenstown MD USA
Sean McAllister Former Assistant Attorney General, state of Colorado Denver CO USA
Matthew McCally Former Corrections Official Renton WA USA
Carlis McDerment Former Deputy Sheriff OH USA
John McGeary Retired Senior Constable Melton Australia
Walter M. McKay Former Senior Police Specialist Benito Juarez DF Mexico
James Meissner Federal Maritime Law Enforcement Officer USCG Powder Springs GA USA
Steve Miller Retired Police Sergeant Canton MI USA
James "Flaming Eagle" Mooney Former Undercover Narcotics Officer Spanish Fork UT USA
Joe Morris Former Senior Police Corporal Carrollton TX USA
Nick J. Morrow Retired Detective and Deputy Sheriff Seal Beach CA USA
Marvin Morten Retired Judge Caledon ON Canada
Peter Moskos Former Police Officer New York City NY USA
Dan Mulligan Police Sergeant Bracebridge ON Canada
Billy Murphy Former Judge of Circuit Court for Baltimore Baltimore MD USA
Joanne Naughton New York Police Department Lieutenant (Ret.) New York NY USA
Ronny Navarro Investigative Police of the Ministry of Public Security Costa Rica
Gerivaldo Alves Neiva District Judge, Court of Conceição do Coité Conceição do Coité Bahia Brazil
Theodore Nelson Detective Sergeant (Ret.), Michigan State Police Howard City MI USA
Richard Newton Retired Drug Interdiction Aviation Pilot El Paso TX USA
David Nichols Retired WA Superior Court Bellingham WA USA
Patrick Nightingale Former Prosecutor Pittsburgh PA USA
James Nolan Former Police Lieutenant and FBI Unit Chief Morgantown WV USA
John O'Brien Former Sheriff Fullerton CA USA
Chad Padgett Former Correctional Officer/ Youth Services Officer Walton IN USA
Titus Peterson Former Lead Felony Prosecutor Denver CO USA
Sandra Maria Pinheiro Ornellas Current Police Chief Rio de Janiero Rio Brazil
Sávio Pontes Detective Inspector Rio De Janeiro Rio Brazil
Howard Rahtz Retired Police Captain Cincinnati OH USA
Richard Renfro Retired Internal Revenue Service Criminal Division Special Agent Detroit MI USA
Carrie Roberts Former Correctional Officer, Former Sheriff’s Deputy CO USA
Christine Rogers Retired Police Officer, Former Corrections Officer Cape Coral FL USA
Charles Rowland Former Prosecutor Beavercreek OH USA
Tony Ryan Retired Lieutenant Police Officer Sahuarita AZ USA
Hildebrando Saraiva Detective Inspector Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil
Bob Scott Retired Captain Franklin NC USA
Finn Selander Retired DEA Special Agent Phoenix AZ USA
Dwayne Sessom Former Deputy Sheriff Lawton OK USA
Carol Ruth Silver Former Director of Prisoner Legal Services San Francisco CA USA
Ethan Simon Former Assistant District Attorney Albuquerque NM USA
Teresa Smallwood Former Prosecutor Chicago IL USA
Tony Smith Retired Police Officer Langley BC Canada
Norm Stamper Retired Chief of Police San Juan Islands WA USA
Paul Steigleder Retired Deputy Sheriff Wemme OR USA
Eric Sterling Former Counsel to the House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Washington DC USA
Raymond Strack Retired U.S. Customs Special Agent FL USA
Jeff Studdard Former Deputy Reserve Sheriff Palm Springs CA USA
Jiří Stuna Chief Constable Skuteč Czech Republic
Thomas P. Sullivan Former U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Illinois Chicago IL USA
Larry Talley US Navy Intelligence Specialist (Retired) Flower Mound TX USA
Betty Taylor Former Chief of Police St. Louis MO USA
Carl Tennenbaum Retired Police Sergeant Sebastopol CA USA
José Teógenes Abreu Federal Road Police Inspector Federal District Brazil
Jason Thomas Former Detention Officer and Marshal’s Deputy Denver CO USA
John Tommasi Retired Police Sergeant Durham NH USA
Ann Toney Former Deputy District Attorney Denver CO USA
Judge José Henrique Rodrigues Torres Judge, State Court of São Paulo Campinas São Paulo Brazil
Luis Carlos Valois Judge, State Court of Amazonas Manaus Amazonas Brazil
Hans van Duijn Retired Police Union President Alphen aan den Rijn Netherlands
Richard N. Van Wickler Superintendent of Corrections Stoddard NH USA
Bruno Vieiera De Freitas Civil Police Officer Rio de Janeiro Brazil
LeRoy Washington Retired Federal Probation Officer Kamuela HI USA
Richard Watkins Retired Senior Prison Warden Huntsville TX USA
Allison Watson Former Assistant District Attorney Knoxville TN USA
Bill Weiland Former Police Officer Tampa FL USA
Rusty White Former K-9 Trainer and Former Correctional Officer Bridgeport TX USA
Paul Whitehouse Retired Chief Constable Bristol UK
Leszek Wieczorek Retired Police Officer Bielsko-Biala Poland
Jack Wilborn Retired Reserve Police Officer Peoria AZ USA
Francis Wilkinson Retired Chief Constable London England
Ken Williams Retired Detective Brockton MA USA
Neil Woods Retired Detective Sergeant Derbyshire England
Howard Wooldridge Retired Police Detective Washington DC USA
Orlando Zaccone Police Chief, 18th Police Station of the State of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Rio Brazil