Publications by Jack Cole, LEAP’s co-founder and retired  New Jersey State Police Lieutenant:

Exit Strategies for the War on Drugs

You Be The Judge 2

Militarization of Police

End Prohibition Now! (word doc) (pdf)

End Prohibition Now! Slide Show (power point) (word doc)

The War on the War on Drugs

In Support of S1801, an Act to Regulate and Tax the Cannabis Industry

Publications by Edward Ellison, Head of Scotland Yard’s Anti-Drugs Squad:

A Greenhouse in the Yard

Head to Head Debate

Why I Want All Drugs Legalised

I’m Determined My Children Won’t Get Hooked – Legalise

Publications by John Gayder,Constable, Niagara Parks Police, Ontario:

Some Good News to LEAP About

Thinking and Caring Too Much

The Law as an Ass, or the Bridges of Welland County

Publications by Joseph D. McNamara, LEAP Advisory Board Member and Police Chief, San Jose, CA, 1976-91:

Evaluating the National Strategies of Drug Control

Battlefield Conversions

Publications by Gil Puder, His example inspired the founding of LEAP and  he was Constable, Vancouver, British Columbia for 18 years:

Recovering our Honour

The Empires Strike Back

Publications by other LEAP members:

The Budgetary Implications of Drug Prohibition by Dr. Jeffrey A. Miron

Ending the Drug War: A Dream Deferred (2011)

We Can Do It Again!: Repealing Today’s Failed Prohibition (2008)

After Prohibition (2013)

LEAP’s Proposed Amendment of United Nations Drug Treaties 2014