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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s law enforcement members have spent decades fighting the drug war from the front lines. We speak to the issue of legalization from a position of experience and our level of credibility is high – people listen to what LEAP has to say.

As a civilian supporter, you have the opportunity to join LEAP as an official associate member: Now is the time for you to take your support of what LEAP stands for to the next level. Standing with LEAP says that you are fed up with the injustice of mass incarceration, the senseless murders, drugs flowing freely in our communities, the lack of treatment and effective education, the corruption, billions of dollars going into the pockets of organized crime and the waste of your limited financial resources.

In addition, your annual contribution of $25 or more will enable LEAP to continue the great work it is known for, educating tens of thousands of people every year about the failure of the “war on drugs.” Become a LEAP associate member today – we look forward to having you as a partner as we fight to end drug prohibition.

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