REPORTS TO: Executive Director
SALARY: $65,000 – $80,000, commensurate with experience
LOCATION: Washington, DC area


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is an international 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization of criminal justice professionals who bear personal witness to the wasteful futility and societal harms of our current drug policies. Our experience on the front lines of the “war on drugs” has led us to call for a repeal of prohibition, replacing it with a system of legalized regulation, which will effectively cripple the violent cartels and street dealers who control the current illegal market.

With the leadership and guidance of the Fund Development Committee, its Chairperson and the Board of Directors, the Director of Development will oversee the coordination and implementation of contributed income programs on behalf of our organizational goals and objectives to maximize potential and increase the base of support from individual donors. This position is based in our Silver Spring, MD office.


1.    Establish forecasts and prepare evaluations of fundraising potential for development activities by identifying and rating prospects, with special attention given to those prospects having the highest potential. (10%)
2.    Develop calendars and action plans for each annual fundraising campaign, sponsorship and underwriting programs, membership, foundation grants, special events, etc. (20%)
3.    Assist in the recruitment and orientation of the development leadership and meet with key leaders to propose required organizational networks in order to build the necessary volunteer structure to ensure the best solicitor/volunteer match, and to maximize the number of personal contacts made. (10%)
4.    Direct the production, coordination and implementation of solicitation, volunteer orientation and training materials. (5%)
5.    Direct the production of campaign summaries and management reports by setting priorities for support staff in order to implement campaign action plans, gauge results and determine future courses of action. (5%)
6.    Monitor campaign results and activity on an ongoing basis by meeting with development leaders and communicating regularly with committees in order to help project outcome of campaigns and to identify areas of highest concern and priority. (20%)
7.    Establish and service benefits, privileges, recognition, acknowledgements and incentives for the donors and volunteers in order to maintain and improve relations. (5%)
8.    Develop a plan to organize and produce an Endowment and Capital campaign with additional attention devoted to an adjunct Deferred Giving Program. (10%)
9.    Foundation cultivation and grant writing. (15%)


1.    A minimum of two to five years of development/fundraising experience preferred
2.    Bachelors degree (can be substituted for five years of above experience)
3.    Donor and volunteer service mentality
4.    Conceptual skills
5.    Knowledge and basic skills of fundraising management
6.    Superior organizational abilities
7.    Analytical and problem solving capabilities
8.    Excellent oral and written communication skills
9.    Self motivated and committed to excellence
10.    Good computer skills (word processing, database and internet based programs)

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Neill Franklin at by 5PM (EST) on March 8, 2013. In the cover letter, please describe your drug policy reform views and include any other information you believe to be relevant to the position.