1. I understand the benefits of legalization and regulation for public safety, but I’m worried that legalization would cause layoffs.
    1. Budget deficits lead to layoffs and that’s where we are now with thousands of police officers being let go all across our country.
    2. Less crime does not equal fewer police officers. It will allow for better policing through focused enforcement (burglaries, homicides, domestic violence, rape, DUI enforcement, crimes against children, missing persons, etc.). Policing priorities will shift.
    3. Budgets would actually increase in a post prohibition world.
  2. Will speaking out about this issue get me fired?
    1. You can be fired at anytime for anything, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal.
    2. Being terminated for speaking about this issue on your own time, in civilian clothing, using your personal equipment (PC, phone, etc.) and not representing your law enforcement agency is illegal. It violates your 1st amendment rights.
    3. LEAP has many current police officers who do speak out.
    4. It takes courage to stand against an engrained culture, but we will stand with you.
    5. We will personally coach you in best practices for protecting your career.
  3. Will LEAP provide legal support if I am terminated?
    1. LEAP does not have attorneys on retainer; however, we do collaborate with organizations that do and make formal requests for services on a case by case basis.
  4. How would you speak out in a safe and respectful manner?
    1. We at LEAP value integrity and respect the views and opinions of others.
      1. Notify your commander of your intent to speak out and how you will do it.
      2. ALWAYS speak during your own time, never while on duty unless you are assigned to do so by your commander in writing.
      3. NEVER use agency issued clothing or equipment, including your take-home vehicle if assigned one. (PC, phones, paper, etc.)
      4. ALWAYS use a clear disclaimer so people are certain that these are your personal views and not that of your department.
      5. NEVER speak negatively of your agency or any other agency.
      6. Stick to the facts.
      7. When in doubt, call a seasoned speaker.