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CATO Conference, Ending the Global War on Drugs: Leigh Maddox

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November 15, 2011 9:00 am
End Date:
November 15, 2011 7:00 pm
NAHB Auditorium
NAHB Auditorium, 1201 15th Street, N.W, Washington, DC, United States

Ending the Global War on Drugs –

Speakers will discuss:
The impact of the drug war in Mexico, on the U.S. border, and in Central America
How prohibition helps fund terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and beyond
How Washington’s anti-narcotics campaign violates the Constitution
The effects of criminalization on minorities in the United States
Lessons from South America
The evolution of drug policy in the United States and what decriminalization or legalization would look like in practice
This conference is supported in part by a generous grant from the Open Society Foundations. Additional funding was provided by Mr. Peter Lewis.

Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Former President, Brazil Jorge Castañeda
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mexico Mary Anastasia O’Grady
Member of the Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou
Speaker of the House of Deputies, Uruguay

Glenn Greenwald
Columnist and Blogger, Salon Leigh Maddox
Board Member, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Ethan Nadelmann
Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance Tucker Carlson
Editor-in-Chief, Daily Caller
Special video messages from Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico and George Shultz, Former U.S. Secretary of State