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Lecture at the School for Public Defenders of the state of São Paulo: Maria Lucia Karam
Christian For Liberty Conference: Jay Hall
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Marion County, FL: John Baeza

Matthew Fogg on DC Breakdown

BAN Conference – War on Drugs presentation: Neill Franklin
Leaf Radio: Diane Goldstein

Glasgow Rotary: James Duffy

Town Hall Meeting about Cannabis: Larry Kirk

Round-table: “Why drug law must change.”: Jose Henrique Torres

The Bev Smith Show: Jack Cole
Testimony at a meeting of the Costa Mesa City Council: Stephen Downing

KPFA 94.1 FM: Stephen Downing

Round-table: “Drug Regulation”: Maria Lucia Karam
Cannabis News Radio: Stephen Downing

North Ascension Rotary Weekly Meeting: David Brown

Time 4 Hemp: Matthew Fogg
“Drugs, Culture and Society,” in the Symposium on Drug Addiction: Gerivaldo Alves Neiva

The Russ Belville Show: Leo Laurence

Cannabis News Radio: Dean Becker

BAN Conference – “First Person”: Neill Franklin
Lecture at the School for Public Defenders of the state of São Paulo: Danillo Ferreira

Houston Public Media: Terry Nelson

Conference on Mental Health and Psychosocial Assistance, round table: Jose Henrique Torres
Radio WIGO 1570AM: Matthew Fogg
Testimony at the Human Rights Commission of the Brazilian Federal Senate: Jorge Da Silva
Civil Police Academy of the state of Rio de Janeiro: Neill Franklin
Matthew Fogg interview with CNN
The Gary Nolan Show: Peter Christ

University of Brasilia Social Sciences Institute: Maria Lucia Karam
Stephen Downing interview with RT America

Stephen Downing interview with NBC News

Norm Stamper interview with NBC News
Norm Stamper interview on CNN

Radio WIGO 1570 AM: Neill Franklin
Cultural Baggage: Norm Stamper
Diane Goldstein interview with News Talk 770

Interview w/ with WJZ CBS Baltimore: Neill Franklin

“Drugs and Health”, at the Law School of São Francisco University: Jose Henrique Torres
Norm Stamper interview with World Update on BBC

The John Case Show: Dean Becker

CBC: Norm Stamper

Inside Edition: Norm Stamper

“As It Happens” on CBC: Norm Stamper

Debate organized by the Students Union of the Law School of the Universidade Federal Fluminense: Maria Lucia Karam & Orlando Zaccone

Norm Stamper interview with 60 Minutes

Stephen Downing interview with KALW

Norm Stamper interview with To The Point

Hickory Hills Kiwanis Club: Inge Fryklund

Norm Stamper interview with CNN

Norm Stamper interview with WTOP

Norm Stamper interview with Al Jazeera

Stephen Downing interview with CTV

The Kiwanis Club of Southwest Chicago: Inge Fryklund

Anderson Cooper 360: Norm Stamper

Stephen Downing interview with BBC World Service Newsday
4:20 Drug War News: Norm Stamper

Park Ridge Morning Kiwanis Club: Inge Fryklund

Radio WMNF 88.5FM: Stephen Downing

Interview with CBC News: Norm Stamper

Letters and Politics on Radio Pacifica: Norm Stamper

Kiwanis Club of Lakeview: Inge Fryklund

Anderson Cooper 360: Norm Stamper

Dearborn Kiwanis: Richard Renfro
Norm Stamper interview with The Daily Briefing

Live Chat with Deadspin: Norm Stamper

Al Jazeera: Norm Stamper

The Russ Belville Show: Terry Nelson

Planet Green Trees: Diane Goldstein

Round-table: National Meeting of History Students: Orlando Zaccone

Al Jazeera: Neill Franklin
Naperville Sunrise Rotary: Inge Fryklund

Militarization of public safety and the ‘drug war’”, at Conference of Juridical Studies: Orlando Zaccone
Fox News interview: Norm Stamper

Matthew Fogg interview with Weekend Sunrise, Seven Network
DC Breakdown: Matthew Fogg

North Chicago Chamber of Commerce: Inge Fryklund

DC Breakdown: Neill Franklin

Radio WMNF 88.5 FM: Ray Strack
Rotary Club of Chicago Far North: James Gierach

Florissant Rotary: Larry Kirk

The Independents (Fox Business News): Jack Cole

The Alan Colmes Show: Jack Cole
WBUR – Boston’s NPR: Jack Cole

The Garland Robinette Show: James Gierach
Interview on KUNM: Norm Stamper

Rotary Club of Chicago-O’Hare: James Gierach
MD NORML Event: Neill Franklin
Interview w/ KKRN 88.5FM: Norm Stamper

Quad Cities Overdose Awareness Week March: Brian Gaughen