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Thematic Session on “Trafficking and drug policy”: Hildebrand Saraiva

Tony Ryan interview with News Talk 103
Matt McCally at Northwest Regional Students For Liberty Conference
Cultural Baggage Radio Show: Peter Christ
Allan Handleman show: Diane Goldstein

Vermont Public Radio: Richard Van Wickler
The Medical Marijuana Debates, on Twitter: Nate Bradley

Screening: “Code of the West” with Talkback: Anthony Cincotti

Chad Padgett at the Bloomington NAACP

“How To Make Money Selling Drugs” Film Screening with talkback session featuring Neill Franklin & Eric Sterling
Public Documentation Forum: Neill Franklin

Men’s Lunch Grp meeting (ROMEO): MacKenzie Allen

Time 4 Hemp: Russ Jones

Iowa State NORML: Brian Leininger

Diane Goldstein on TakePart Live
Neill Franklin on The RealNews Network

Lectures in the Seminar “[Des] Criminalization of Drugs”: Luiz Carlos Valois, Rubens and Alves Gerivaldo Neiva

Neill Franklin on the Marc Steiner Show

Larry Talley at University of North Texas: Larry Talley

Lecture “The Dangers of Prohibition” at the School of Judges of the state of Rio de Janeiro: Orlando Zaccone

Joanne Naughton at Rutgers University

Lawrence University, SSDP: Lance Buchholtz
Lectures in the Seminar “[Des] Criminalization of Drugs”: Luiz Carlos Valois, Rubens and Alves Gerivaldo Neiva

Goddard College Community Radio: Richard Van Wickler

Roundtable “(In) Criminal Justice: The Myth of the War on Drugs”: Orlando Zaccone
4:20 Drug War News: Peter Christ
Richard Van Wickler on WVMT News Talk 620AM

Morgan State University: Neill Franklin

Debate at Rutgers University: Tim Datig
Rotary Club of Santa Fe Centro: MacKenzie Allen

Oakland Sunrise Rotary Club: David Long

Quinnipiac College, Keith Kerr Sociology101: Neill Franklin

Debate “Violence, police and right to the city”: Orlando Zaccone

Quinnipiac College, Sue Hudd QU 101 Seminar, Keith Kerr Sociology 101: Neill Franklin

Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe, NM: MacKenzie Allen

Quinnipiac College, Topics in American Politics, Kathy Cook QU 101 Seminar: Neill Franklin

The Access Show: Joanne Naughton

Quinnipiac College, Kathy Cook QU 101 Seminar: Neill Franklin

Quinnipiac College, Campus Wide Presentation: Neill Franklin

Montpelier, VT Town Hall meeting: Richard Van Wickler

Williams College SSDP: Is America Addicted to the War on Drugs?: Patrick Heintz
Taos Milagro Rotary: Finn Selander

Fort Myers Sunrise Rotary: Anthony Cincotti

Quinnipiac College, Alan Bruce Youth Crime Class: Neill Franklin

Dominican College: Patrick Heintz

Time 4 Hemp: Richard Newton

Quinnipiac College, Scott McLean Political Theory PO: Neill Franklin

Fundraiser at Sandrina’s: Neill Franklin
Radio Interview KTRS St Louis: Neill Franklin

Rotary Club of Santa Fe: Finn Selander

UC Irvine SSDP: Diane Goldstein

Gary Nolan Show: Neill Franklin

The Russ Belville Show: Diane Goldstein

Public Safety meeting: Jeff Kaufman

Ending Cannabis Prohibition in Missouri: Neill Franklin
Santa Fe Host Lions: Finn Selander
Neill Franklin on KSHB, NBC Kansas City

Fall 2013 Missouri Cannabis Conference: Neill Franklin

League of Women Voters: Leigh Maddox

Clayton County NAACP event “No More Dreams Denied”: Jerry Cameron
Cultural Baggage: Jim Gierach, Tony Ryan, Terry Nelson

Neill Franklin on KMBC TV

North Fort Myers Rotary: Anthony Cincotti

First Congregational Church of Sonoma, United Church of Christ: David Long
Code of the West Movie Screening & dsiscussion: Joanne Naughton
Patrick Nightingale on Night Talk with Ellis Cannon
4:20 Drug War News: James Gierach

Matt McCally interview with KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

Debate after the exhibition of the Brazilian documentary Cortina de Fumaça: Rubens Casara
James Peet on King 5

Press Conf with Sensible Washington: Matt McCally

Neill Franklin interview with 610 Sports Radio

“Introductory to Sociology” Class: Patrick Heintz

Michigan City NAACP hosts a Town Hall Mtg: Jim Gierach
4:20 Drug War News: Tony Ryan

Radio Familia: Orlando Zaccone, Maria Lucia Karam, Siro Darlan

Memorial-Spring Rotary: Jay Hall
Workshop at MD Republican Convention: Neill Franklin
4:20 Drug War News: Terry Nelson

Century of Lies: Neill Franklin
University of Texas, Austin: Russ Jones

University of Maryland: Neill Franklin
Al Jazeera: Diane Goldstein
Weed Wednesday: Peter Christ
Bethany Presbyterian Church: Orlando Zaccone & Maria Lucia Karam
Lecture on “Drug policy” at the VI Seminar on Juridical Studies of the Western Amazonia: Jose Henrique Torres

Plenary session “Drug Addiction and Social Exclusion”: Francisco Chao

Seminar on Crime Prevention: Maria Lucia Karam & Hildebrando Saraiva
Terry Nelson interview with Cannabis Education