Are you a wordsmith? Have a talent for turning a phrase? Have experience as a writer?

LEAP is in need of a few volunteers who can write biographies of our incoming new speakers. These bios will be posted on the LEAP website, shared with potential venues, sent to the media, and circulated amongst contacts and other organizations.

We are looking for 2-3 volunteers to take on this responsibility. Everyone is busy and time is a limited commodity, so we try to keep requests of our biography writers to no more than one bio per month. The volunteer will receive information from the speaker-to-be that includes professional background as well as thoughts and ideas about law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and prohibition. In many cases, the bio writer will need to draw on his/her own research via the internet to find information to flesh out the bio. Some speakers will be very forthcoming, while others may require more extensive research efforts, making the job a bit more challenging.

If you are interested in taking on this position, please respond with your credentials and a writing sample for our review to: