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Former Commander, Indiana State Police
Martinsville, IN

"Legalization would mean safer neighborhoods and safer law enforcement officers."

Ryan Harmon
Ryan Harmon is a retired commander of the Public Corruption Section of the Indiana State Police and a former U.S. Marshal. Governor Mitch Daniels created his office by executive order to crack down on corruption within the police force. He spent 15 years investigating and arresting police officers who sold drugs, weapons and bulletproof vests they confiscated from dealers.

Among other reasons, violence against law enforcement officers led Ryan to support taxation and regulation. “I recently heard about two former American soldiers and a German ex-soldier who plotted to kill a U.S. DEA agent and informant in order to protect thousands of kilos of marijuana and tons of cocaine,” he says. “I’ve also arrested uniformed police officers who robbed drug couriers. Meanwhile, drug abuse isn’t getting better, because prohibition creates more crime instead of reducing it. Legalization would mean safer neighborhoods and safer law enforcement officers.”

Ryan’s goal is to bring the changing tide of drug laws to Indiana. “When I saw the marijuana legalization laws pass in Washington and Colorado, as well as medical marijuana laws passing here in the Midwest in Illinois and Michigan, I thought it’s Indiana’s time as well,” he says. “Taxpayers would see significant effects from reform: less jail overcrowding, a reduction in violence related to illicit drug trafficking, and more resources for local and state governments to put toward higher priorities.”

Ryan is a graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington. He is retired from law enforcement and serves as a legal consultant and qualified electronic surveillance expert.

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