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About Michael Kahoe

Retired FBI Special Agent

Richfield, OH

“The heightened risk to law enforcement in a society that so severely outlaws drugs is huge.”

Michael Kahoe served as a special agent for the FBI for 27 years. After graduating law school, he was hired as an agent and spent many years on the street investigating organized crime and public corruption and hunting down fugitives in cities including Atlanta, Cleveland, Gary, and New Orleans. He was eventually promoted to FBI headquarters as director of the FBI’s Violent Crimes and Major Offenders Section. In 1997, he retired as the special agent in charge of the FBI office in Jacksonville, Florida.

For Mike, who says he came into contact with almost every criminal violation including drug violations during his time with the FBI, coming to the conclusion that the current drug laws are not working has been a long, developing process with both professional and personal components. “The heightened risk to law enforcement in a society that so severely outlaws drugs is huge,” he says. “The risk is further exacerbated by the inherently violent nature of the illicit drug market and the virtually unlimited amounts of money available to drug dealers, allowing them access to more sophisticated weapons and qualified people to use them.”

Mike joined LEAP in 2011 in order to share his firsthand observations about the damage that our current drug laws cause for families and communities. “I believe most people trust their government to do the right thing,” Mike says. “Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Our drug laws represent a failed policy.”

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