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About Leszek Wieczorek

Retired Police Officer
Leszek Wieczorek

Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Leszek Wieczorek's service began in the days when Poland was one of the so-called Eastern Bloc countries. He spent his entire service as an undercover officer in the observation group. As he says, "I never wore a police uniform."

Leszek guided groups of undercover officers who were highly successful in the fight against criminal offenders

In Poland in the late eighties and early nineties, the drug problem began to be dealt with by law enforcement. Politicians and police started to get interested in the drug market and created special departments to combat drugs.

Leszek was often involved in operational activities aimed at the arrest of groups of drug traffickers.

Leszek says that the financial outlays associated with this were not an illustration of success in the fight against drug addiction. In most cases, arrests were of common drug users.

In September 2010 in Warsaw, Leszek met LEAP board chair Jack Cole. He adopted LEAP's ideas for the legalization of drugs and became a speaker.