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US Navy Intelligence Specialist (Retired)

“During the time I spent attached to [the U.S. Navy Special Forces], we only failed in one mission: the control of the narcotics flow.”

Larry Talley .

Larry Talley served in the United States Navy from 1987-2007 as an intelligence specialist and was stationed at Naval Special Warfare Unit Eight in the Republic of Panama from 1991-1998. While stationed in Panama, Larry deployed frequently to various locations in Central and South America in support of counterdrug operations, where he formulated and implemented eradication strategy in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Agency and with many countries in the region.

Larry participated in eradication efforts targeting cocaine, marijuana, and opiates. Under the Joint Interagency Task Force, the organization in charge of counterdrug missions, his command was tasked with many different interdiction operations; some included training Colombian troops for eradication, and others included direct interdiction where he would storm drug labs with the DEA. He worked for Commander in Charge General McCaffrey, who later became the next Drug Czar after he retired from military service.

In the course of his experience in counternarcotics, Larry observed the futility of his efforts; regardless of his and his colleagues’ efforts, the price and availability of illicit drugs remained constant. He was struck by the violence and endemic to the black market drug trade, which were notably absent in the production of legal, regulated drugs. In 2008, he came to fully support LEAP’s mission when he learned from his daughter that she could easily buy any drug if she wanted to – except cigarettes and alcohol.

Larry has attended Arizona State University, the Naval War College, Texas College, Florida State, University of North Texas, Old Dominion University, and Capella University from which he has a BS in Information Technology. He lives in Flower Mound, TX with his family.


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