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About Ken Robinson

Retired Chief of Police
Nederland, CO

Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson started his 40-year law enforcement career as a police officer with the Tempe Arizona Police Department in September of 1971 and retired as the chief of police of Nederland, CO. After working with drug and narcotic issues for the majority of his career, Ken believes in the mission of LEAP and that the first step is for marijuana to be distributed in a regulated system. Regulating a drug keeps it restricted from underage children and allows law enforcement to focus resources on issues which present significant dangers to the public, such as violence and impaired driving.

He had attended Arizona State University, achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics while competing and lettering as a varsity athlete on the track & field and cross country teams for all four years. He attended the Phoenix Police Regional Academy and upon graduation, was assigned to work in investigations as a narcotics officer where he made numerous significant arrests for heroin sales.

He worked as a patrol officer thereafter and returned to the narcotics assignment as a detective. He was assigned to work with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration task force based in Phoenix and, after five years of service in various assignments as an officer, promoted to sergeant. He supervised patrol squads, worked for three years as a class sergeant at the Phoenix Police Regional Academy, supervised the narcotics squad, and was selected to attend the Northwestern University Traffic Institute’s ten month management training. He promoted to Lieutenant after ten years of service and supervised in the Patrol Division, headed the Criminal Investigations Division, the Traffic Bureau, Special Operations, and Administration over the next nineteen years.

He received numerous honors and distinctions over his 31 ½ years with the Tempe Police Department, retiring in 2002. Not satisfied with leaving law enforcement altogether at a young age while still raising the youngest two daughters of five children, Ken took the position of Town Marshal (Chief of Police) in Nederland, Colorado, where he was recognized for his superior contributions to the town and to local law enforcement.

Throughout his law enforcement career, Ken volunteered for and worked with numerous organizations. He was on the executive board as treasurer for the Tempe United Way. He was the treasurer for his church. He served on the community council. He was a member of the public safety advisory council for the president of Arizona State University. He served on the Boulder Valley School Districts Capital Improvements committee, developing and passing a $296 million school bond. Ken retired in 2011 and lives with his wife Sabrina. Ken and Sabrina coached middle and high school cross country and track for the past 25 years with athletes achieving numerous state team and individual titles as well as several individual national titles. His children attend or attended Arizona State University, Colorado State University, Cambridge University in England, and the United States Naval Academy.