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Retired Sergeant, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Parker, CO

"There is an incredible waste of law enforcement time making arrests for various quantities of drugs. With limited treatment options the arrests did little more than fill the jails with statistics."

John Baker

While growing up in Southern California to a family of law enforcement professionals, John Baker decided his career path at a young age. He served both active and reserve as an Army Airborne Ranger including a tour in Vietnam. After graduating the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy, he began work with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy sheriff. During his 20 years of law enforcement, he worked as a patrol officer, detective, and retired at the rank of Sergeant but training others was important to him, too. John taught courses to academy police recruits as well as a field training officer. He was a member of a joint Federal task force relating to domestic terrorism. As a deputy sheriff he witnessed the excessive amount of money spent by the government for drug enforcement. “The war on drugs did nothing but stack up courts and prisons again costing the public millions of dollars. The use of street law enforcement man hours: not protecting the public, but seizing the time for meaningless booking and reports.”

John recognizes current laws do not provide a solution to the drug problem besides arrest and incarceration. He has observed how drug arrests and incarceration ruin lives. “I wish the laws had been different and I could have guided them into help rather than Hell.”

Since leaving law enforcement, John has continued serving his community. He is actively involved in the Make a Wish Foundation and the Special Olympics. He has also worked closely with the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado and has lectured on Prop 64. John is frequently asked to speak to law enforcement, civic, and religious groups as well as private corporations on the topics of domestic terrorism and individual rights.

He attended both La Verne College and the University of Denver, majoring in business. John currently runs his own security firm that utilizes his expertise in surveillance, access control and other electronic security systems.

He, his wife and two children reside in Parker, Colorado.

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