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About Jiří Stuna

Chief Constable
Jiří Stuna

Skuteč, Czech Republic

Jiri Stuna

Jiří Stuna is the chief constable of the town of Skuteč in the Czech Republic. Before that he was manager of crime prevention for the City Police of Chrudim, as well as a member of strike teams protecting businesses.

Jiří joined LEAP to speak out against drug prohibition shortly after writing a letter to the members of the Czech House of Deputies in which he urged them to allow the medical use of cannabis.

He wrote, “For ten years I have supervised law enforcement agencies and among other things I struggled against drugs by the means of prevention and arrests. I do not intend to change anything in this. In any case I do not support the abuse of drugs.” But, he went on to say, “I find it highly immoral to criminalize seriously ill people.”

Jiří explained to the lawmakers, “The current anti-cannabis policy plays mostly in favor of the people who have made the drug trade lucrative. Manufacturers and dealers of drugs are one of the biggest supporters of cannabis prohibition. Of course, this is probably because the decriminalization of cannabis for medical purposes would reduce its price on the black market.”

Jiří closed his letter by saying, “You have the mandate of your constituents and the power to help seriously ill people to avoid being forced to choose between death and violation of the law. I believe that common sense will prevail.”