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Currently a prosecutor in the State of Colorado and former Senior Assistant Attorney General, State of Georgia


"The Drug War is a catalyst whereby government can chip away at a citizen's freedoms."

Jay Fisher is currently an appellate prosecutor in the State of Colorado, and is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Georgia in the Criminal Division, handling post-conviction matters on behalf of the prosecution. He has been involved in numerous murder appeals of both local and national prominence. Jay also represented the Georgia Department of Corrections in constitutional rights cases, seeing firsthand the effects of prison overcrowding caused, in great part, by the Drug War.

Jay believes ardently in libertarian principles, and has grown increasingly concerned with the growth of government intrusion into people's lives, leading to an erosion of freedom and constitutional rights. He strongly advocates on behalf of freedom of speech and restoration of individual privacy rights under the Fourth Amendment. Jay's stances have nearly cost him his career, leading to censure by his employer after he publicly testified on behalf of medical marijuana in Alabama.

Prior to entering law school, Jay worked in public safety as a paramedic and E.M.T. for the City of Atlanta. He worked closely with drug addicts and victims of drug-related crimes while on the streets. He was also one of the first members nationwide of the Metro Medical Strike Teams, established to respond to mass-casualty, terrorism related events.

Besides holding a law degree, Jay also has a master’s degree in public administration. Jay completed his undergraduate work at Washington University in St. Louis.

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