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Former Detention Officer and Marshal’s Deputy
Jason Thomas

Denver, CO

“The drug war has not helped these people or their families; it has led to further incarceration, broken homes and economic instability.”

Jason Thomas served as a Detention Officer in Prowers County, Colorado’s 125-bed detention facility and as a Deputy Marshall in Holly, Colorado. After working in the corporate environment, Jason chose to go into law enforcement to serve his community and fulfill a lifelong career aspiration.

Jason has always opposed marijuana prohibition because it never made sense to him. When he began working in law enforcement he witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of drug arrests. “The drug war has not helped these people or their families, especially low level drug crimes. It has led to further incarceration, broken homes and economic instability,” he says. The risk to law enforcement is another major reason why Jason opposes to the drug war. “If the current drug war ended,” he says, “law enforcement officers would have less purpose to enter a person’s home, which would give officers less exposure to high risk calls. In addition, agencies could reallocate resources to areas of prevention, community policing and pursuing violent offenders.” For Jason, reallocation of law enforcement resources and keeping communities and law enforcement officers safer are the top reasons he calls for an end to prohibition.

Since 2009, Jason has gained specific insight into Colorado’s medical marijuana and emerging legal cannabis industries as stakeholder, consultant and advocate. He is a nationally recognized cannabis industry expert and is frequent community and national speaker.

Jason holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Regis University, magna cum laude, an Associate of the Arts degree from Lamar Community College, magna cum laude and is a former POST Certified Peace Officer. Prior to his law enforcement career, Jason was the Leading Petty Officer in a Naval ROTC and at 17 commanded his division of over 100 cadets to be named the top division in the United States that year, an honor he will never forget. Jason is a commercial real estate executive and resides in Denver, Colorado.

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