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About Jake Caputo

Former Police Officer
Chicago, IL

"The time and money would be better spent toward education and reasonable regulations in accordance with our constitution."

Jake Caputo
Dr. Jake Caputo spent nine years as a law enforcement officer. He began his career as a patrol officer in the Chicago suburbs. In this capacity, he was occasionally detailed to undercover work. After a five-year hiatus, he returned to law enforcement as a Cook County Deputy Sheriff and then was promoted to Inspector.

As a Chicago patrol officer, Jake dealt with drugs on a regular basis. Even in the suburbs, it seemed like everyone had access to drugs, and street dealers were served with the Sheriff’s Office in Chicago, providing security at the Chicago courthouse and escorting large groups of drug offenders to jail. He was shocked to see that often civilians went through the courthouse security check with marijuana, pills, and cocaine. His chief told him to confiscate the drugs without arresting the offender, because if he had arrested everyone carrying drugs, “I would have filled Cook County Jail.” He was then promoted to Inspector and investigated other sheriff’s officers, often for drug violations. By this point he realized the ‘war on drugs’ was not working and found out about LEAP.

In Jake’s experience, arrests, seizures of assets, and incarceration did nothing to end drug use and/or abuse in America. “A bigger and tougher group of entrepreneurs, the street drug dealers, exercise control of the drug business,” he says. “They don't follow our rules. Our time and money would be better spent on education and reasonable regulations that are in accordance with our constitution.” Jake advocates for legalization through responsible regulation and intervention where appropriate.

Jake has been teaching since 1988, including at his own school, American Institute of Real Estate, which he closed in 2008 to begin teaching higher-purpose workshops. He is an author and holds a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Psychology.