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About Finn Selander

Retired DEA Special Agent
Phoenix, AZ

"The Laws, as they are now, are not working to PROTECT society but helping to HARM society."

Finn Selander The son of a Holocaust survivor, Finn Selander grew up knowing he wanted a career in law enforcement, fighting for truth and justice; the TV shows of his youth inspired him to help society. First working as a police officer for the Pensacola, Florida Police Department, he moved on to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and was posted to Miami, Florida.

Before joining law enforcement, Selander served in the U.S. Navy, excelling in many areas including scuba diving and salvage work. He then earned a degree in International Studies and completed numerous certifications which impacted his law enforcement work: thermography, trace element collection, and agent development schools including: Money Laundering, Marijuana Investigations, Asset Forfeiture, and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) investigations. He had become a warrior skilled in the “art” of the War on Drugs.

Special Agent Selander put his knowledge of marijuana investigations to work in both Florida and New Mexico as the DEA’s Marijuana Coordinator for six years, then spent seven years as a Demand Reduction Coordinator. As the Public Affairs Officer in the DEA’s Albuquerque office, he encountered LEAP for the first time, which intensified his concern about the real effectiveness of the Drug War crusade. After retiring from the DEA, he served three tours as a contractor in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Over the years, Special Agent Selander realized, “our policy regarding Drug Enforcement was not working and in fact was more damaging to society. The ‘Drug War’ has ravished the low-income and African American communities,” he states. Now he wants to end the black market and drug prohibition, helping “any way I can.” To that end he has joined LEAP putting his considerable experience, including talking to the media, to good use. Selander is especially keen on educating others about the effects of prohibition and helping people who are afraid of this necessary change to our drug laws.

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