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About Erin James

Military Police Senior Sergeant, US Army (Retired)
Smyrna, TN

“I’m sorry the system has reacted the way it has and ruined the life of you and your family."

Erin James
Erin L. James understands the need for law and order.

The son of a soldier, he too entered the Army, where he spent his entire career. And although the military is known for its discipline and regimen even they have need for their own police force. It’s in the U.S. Army Military Police where James served most of his time; he “provided law enforcement and oversight operations on bases in in Asia, the USA, and Europe.” He “worked with the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), gaining extensive knowledge of drugs and drug paraphernalia, both legal and illegal,” and oversaw 150+ law enforcement and logistics personnel.

Before attaining the rank Senior Sergeant, James studied history at the University of Maryland University College, going on to earn a degree in Criminal Investigation Procedural Law and Evidence at Hartford Community College. While at the U.S. Army Military Academy, his areas of emphasis included: domestic violence intervention, non-lethal weapons, anti-terrorism, conventional physical security, and crime prevention among others. On top of that, while second to Chief of Police he was awarded a Bronze Star for meritorious service.

Yet during his 24-year career he witnessed numerous incidents where law and order were not marching in lockstep. In fact some laws created very harmful disorder: harming innocents, harming fellow soldiers, harming the military and the country he loves; specifically, the harmful laws of drug prohibition.

James witnessed highly trained and skilled soldiers discharged, “none of whom had their on-duty performances jeopardized by drugs,” yet our counter-productive drug prohibition laws robbed our country of their faithful service and harmed both them and their families. The policy wastes resources.

While growing up he found he had an inclination to be protective of others, and especially impacted by domestic violence and abuse, as well as breaking up after-school fights. After all, isn’t that really the job of a cop? Carrying that through his career he’s now even better prepared and committed to educate others on the need to re-legalize drugs and how that will protect the children and the country he loves.

Erin and his wife Christine have 4 children and reside in Smyrna, TN.

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