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Section Chief

“We need to take control of the drug trade by making it an activity of the state.”

Enrique C

Enrique Ceciliano Mora climbed the ranks of the Costa Rican equivalent of the FBI, the Organismo de Investigación Judicial, becoming the section chief of San Isidro de Pérez Zeledón. During this time, he carried out and supervised many drug investigations.

He became aware of the need for change when he realized that “the methods we have been using to control and combat drug trafficking are not giving even the minimum desired results.” He saw how the large fortunes amassed by the traffickers allowed them to buy off the authorities and politicians who used their power to discourage and scare off those who wanted to take on the traffickers.

Enrique refers to Michel de Montaigne’s quote that, “To forbid us anything is to make us have a mind for it.” He therefore argues that it is time for a new legal framework under which the use of marijuana and other drugs would be legalized.

Based on his experience, Enrique feels the only way to take the profit out of drug trafficking is by bringing it under state control. Then the state can focus on treatment and rehabilitation of addicts.

Enrique is now a real estate agent. He is the president of the cultural affairs commission of Garabito-Puntarenas and ambassador for peace of the Universal Peace Federation.

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