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Military Police Lieutenant
Polícia Militar do Estado da Bahia (the military police of the state of Bahia)

Danillo Ferreira
Danillo Ferreira joined the Military Police of the Brazilian state of Bahia in 2006. Yet during the training course at the Officers’ Academy of the Military Police of Bahia (PMBA), together with four classmates, he created the blog Abordagem Policial (www.abordagempolicial.com), which could be translated as “police approach.” The blog was intended to deepen the debate about public safety and police, which was being developed by the cadets in the daily activities of the Academy. After a short time, Abordagem Policial became nationally well known, and was recognized by a study sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a reference in Brazil for information on these issues, not only for police officers and researchers, but for all people.

Danillo Ferreira has been an active supporter of changes in drug policy, and has been discussing this issue especially in the section about drugs in Abordagem Policial.

After working in the streets to enforce the laws that provoke the useless war on drugs, which kills police officers and poor youths, he understood that the current model is exclusionary, perverse, and inefficient. Moreover, he thinks that “the State cannot be given the right to interfere in the autonomy of the individual over his own body,” although recognizing the necessity of a clear regulation, which will be possible only after the legalization of the production, supply and consumption of all drugs.

Danillo Ferreira joined LEAP in May, 2011, after being invited by its directors in Brazil. He is currently a member of the Forum Brasileiro de Segurança Pública (Brazilian Forum on Public Safety - http://www2.forumseguranca.org.br/ ) and a student of philosophy at the State University of Feira de Santana (UEFS)

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