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Special Agent, United States Drug Enforcement Administration (Ret.)
Columbia, Maryland

Arnold K Adkins Jr
Arnold Adkins, Jr. is a retired DEA special agent with 30 years of law enforcement experience throughout the United States. He began his career as a criminal investigator for New Jersey’s Bergen County Probation Department, later moving to the Prosecutor’s Office. He worked there for two years before moving on to the DEA, working undercover assignments for ten years in the New York Field Division. He was then promoted to instructor/course developer at the FBI/DEA Academy located in Quantico, VA. Four years later, he was reassigned to the Philadelphia Field Division, where he served as a criminal investigator. Finally, in 2003, he was reassigned to the Baltimore Division Office, where he served as a criminal investigator and demand reduction coordinator until his retirement. Arnold has been involved worldwide with many drug and gang prevention programs that attempt to curtail the illicit use of alcohol, tobacco and other dangerous drugs.

In Arnold’s experience, the current policies are not working; when illegal drug distributors battle with law enforcement, society suffers. “If you genuinely care about lessening our problems with drug manufacturing, trafficking, and abuse,” he explains, “you have to focus on education, prevention and awareness. Way too many law enforcement officers are hurt and killed each year on wasted efforts to combat a problem than can never disappear through police officers alone. Instead of incarcerating as many people as possible, we need to be concerned with the overall welfare of citizens. Ending prohibition will be a multi-faceted effort. We can start by eliminating overzealous and unnecessary law enforcement practices aimed at youth, resulting in nonviolent drug charges that will preclude them from many professional and social opportunities in their future.”

Arnold continues to teach, now working as an assistant professor in the Behavioral Sciences and Human Services Department of Bowie State University, the Administration of Justice Department of Northern Virginia Community College, and the Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Institute of Anne Arundel Community College.

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