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Retired Corrections Officer, State of Nevada
Currently Resides in Cape Coral, FL

"Prohibition puts hundreds of millions of dollars in the hands of criminals who use that money to purchase weapons and armored vehicles.”"

Anthony Cincotti
Anthony Cincotti says he was initially attracted to a career in law enforcement because “I thought it would give me an opportunity to serve the public and make a good living at the same time.” Anthony worked at Lovelock Correctional Center for thirteen years as a Senior Correctional officer with the Nevada Department of Corrections. Lovelock houses approximately 1600 inmates, of all custody levels. He also served in the capacity of training officer and instructor.

While working in Corrections, Anthony earned an education in “The human cost in lives destroyed and lost due to prohibition, the insane financial costs associated with prohibition and incarceration, and the complete lack of results achieved by the so-called ‘War on Drugs.’”

One of the many reasons Anthony has joined LEAP is his great concern regarding the negative impact prohibition has on both public and officer safety. He says prior to the Nixon’s escalation of the war on drugs, street gangs were armed with baseball bats, sharpened screwdrivers and the occasional zip gun. Now, huge revenues from the illicit market allow criminals to purchase much more sophisticated equipment and frequently, that equipment is not available to the average peace officer. Simply put, thanks to the failed drug war, peace officers are now out-gunned.

Anthony also reports that virtually all of the peace officers he has spoken to about this issue agree it is an enormous waste of resources, and they would rather spend their time dealing with "real" crime. He hopes that by joining the ranks of speakers for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition he can help "end this destructive and wasteful war on drugs and direct the problem of addiction to the medical community, not law enforcement and the military."

Today, Anthony is retired from law enforcement and works as a realtor in Cape Coral, Florida.

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