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Former Corrections Officer
Lubbock County, TX

"We are being told on every major network daily “we are winning the war on drugs" when in actuality we are already beaten by prohibition."

Anthony "Tiny" Abbe served as a deputy sheriff and correctional officer for the Lubbock County Texas Sheriff’s Department. In addition to jail officer training, he received training in prisoner transport and intake, hospital duty, and explosive devices. On each of his 12-hour shifts, he oversaw 500-700 inmates.

Growing up without a father, he emulated the police officers he saw as larger than life. He believed the war on drugs was being won with every arrest. However, after working in law enforcement, he realized the criminal justice system was merely educating criminals. “For every dealer we took off the street there are 10 more just like him ready to take his or her place. While he or she gets free food, a free education, and free healthcare... all on the taxpayer’s tab. After an offender is released, she or he is a better, more careful, well-educated offender because jail or prison has taught them how to be a better criminal.”

As he worked daily with the offenders, he soon began to witness the causalities of the war on drugs. He observed the devastation of the families of both offenders and enforcers in the failed war on drugs. “I personally got to know many of the people I was coming in contact with in the jail. Most were nonviolent offenders whose lives were being ruined as a result of their incarceration. They ended up with a criminal record that closed off future opportunities for employment, or in some cases even relationships and marriages, putting their children in the same situation I grew up with—fatherless.”

After hearing LEAP speaker Terry Nelson speak he realized he need to spread the message of what he witnessed during his criminal justice career. “I hope not only to educate but to be educated... not only to change but to be changed. I hope to save a few families by seeing Daddy come home after his shift.”

Currently, Anthony is the owner of a production and graphics company.

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