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Former Senior Police Specialist

Walter M. McKay is the Project Director for the Instituto para la Seguridad y la Democracia, A.C. (INSYDE) in Mexico to assist in the creation of a Centro de Certificacion Profesional Policial. The core mission of the Centro de Certificacion Profesional Policial project will be to develop, maintain and enforce standards which support and enhance best practices in police agencies in Mexico, both management practices and those of individual police officers. He also served as the Senior Police Specialist for the Police Assessment Resources Centre in Los Angeles, California where he assisted in the audit of police departments and the development of a community-policing manual for community members.

Prior to that he was the Policy Advisor on Law Enforcement for the Global Justice Program of the Liu Institute for Global Issues at the University of British Columbia where he contributed to the "Law Enforcement Component to: The International Criminal Court and Victims and Witnesses: A Practitioners Guide". Walter had been a police officer for twelve years when he decided to put his career aside to pursue his PhD studies concerning police training and reform, both at the local and international level. He received a B.A. from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Philosophy and English and earned his Master of Arts degree in Liberal Studies at Simon Fraser University (SFU).

In 1997 Mr. McKay received the Chief's Constable's Commendation for his efforts in the "Stanley Cup Riot". He is the recipient of the Ministry of Attorney General Provincial Community Crime Prevention and Safety Award in 2000 and in 2001 Mr. McKay received the Chief's Constable's Commendation for his work with the Youth at Risk Initiative Program. Mr. McKay is a founding member of the non-profit society, Odd Squad Productions, created for the purpose of educating youth about the dangers of drug abuse. Odd Squad Productions filmed the award winning "Through a Blue Lens", a documentary that explored the lives of drug addicts as seen through the eyes of police officers. His current research interests include international law enforcement issues and concerns as well as the International Criminal Court.


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