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Former K-9 Trainer and Former Correctional Officer
Rusty White

"Drugs are Bad, but the Drug War is Worse!"

Rusty White saw the impact of drug addiction on his community and decided to make a difference. A native of Hamlin, Texas, White grew up as an avid dog lover and developed an early proficiency with firearms. With this background, White believed he could be put to good use fighting the War on Drugs. He became a top K-9 narcotics dog trainer, Track and Attack K-9 trainer and handler and served as the sniper for the Department of Corrections. White also worked for 7 years as a corrections officer in an Arizona maximum security prison where the hardest of criminals are sent and where safety is always an issue.

After some time, White began to question the way the War on Drugs was being fought. He questioned the arrests of "little guys", when all of the promises were about kingpins. He watched with confusion and dismay as child molesters and other violent criminals were released from prison to make room for an ever growing population of non-violent drug offenders. He despised the lies told to kids about drugs and came steadily to the realization that no matter how many prisons were built, no matter how many drug dealers were killed, he was not making a difference. After years of research and review, White realized that the real problem was PROHIBITION. He left his chosen profession simply because of what prohibition had done to it.

Rusty now donates his free time to speaking out against the Drug War. "I'm helping people, and I'm raising two of my grand children. Ending Prohibition will ultimately provide my grand kids with a community free of drug pushers and the accompanying violence and crime."

Bridgeport, Texas, USA

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