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Retired Chief Constable
Paul Whitehouse

"While many drugs may cause harm, it is essential that the harm caused by prohibition be brought into the equation."

Paul Whitehouse
Paul Whitehouse wants to make a difference. During his 34-year career in law enforcement he was known for his progressive and energetic approach to the provision of efficient and effective public service. His high profile career included 8 years as Chief Constable of Sussex, U.K. where he managed a 5000 plus person department.

His life of service didn't end after his retirement from law enforcement in 2001. He is currently serving as the Chairperson of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority- a national watch guard group appointed by Parliament to oversee the licensing of temporary farm labor providers known as "Gangmasters". The Gangmasters Licensing Authority protects temporary workers from exploitation and abuse.

And as someone who both holds a Master's in Economics from Cambridge and served (1996-2002) as a Trustee of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, when Paul says that we should "allow [our] resources to be deployed where the most harm will be prevented," people listen.

"Prohibition doesn't work." Paul came to this realization not in a great epiphany but rather one day at a time thoughtfully listening, researching and watching the results of Britain's drug policies. After reading a report published by Transform, a U.K. based harm reduction group, he became convinced that the War on Drugs was a failure, and began to advocate a more health-related approach. He heard about LEAP, and after reviewing our website, became a member. As a LEAP speaker he brings that considered reasoning and a lifetime of experience to his audiences.

Bristol, UK

Chief Constable (Ret)