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"Under these laws, one bad decision to try a drug can be the defining act of your life."

Nick Novello
Nick Novello is a police officer in Dallas, TX. He joined the Dallas parks police (now part of the Dallas Police Department) in 1982. Nick is a speaker for LEAP because, as he puts it, he cannot live with the collateral damage that the prohibition of drugs causes every day. According to Nick, we cannot continue to squander our very limited resources on a policy that can never succeed.

Originally born and raised in the Bronx, Nick is a proud veteran of both the Army and Navy where he initially started his pursuit of education. He then earned a Masters Degree in Business and Science from Florida Tech.

Nick explains that the drug war needs to be examined vicariously - imagine your mother, father, or brother making one decision involving drugs. Should that become the defining act of life for that person? In Nick's more than 25 years of experience as a Dallas police officer, he has watched over and over as people are put in jail with no hope for a better future. Continuing the war on drugs, Nick says, is like slamming into a door repeatedly. Decades of experience with this war on drugs coupled with countless historical experiences with prohibition in all different societies has shown us that prohibition just doesn't work.

Nick is no stranger to telling the truth under any circumstance. He founded the web site Whistle Blower Assist after blowing the whistle on several colleagues who were allegedly filling their quotas by illegally arresting people, mostly minorities, for public intoxication.

A self-described lifelong learner, Nick is also an artist who specializes in laser engraved artwork.

Dallas, TX

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