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Retired Police Captain
Marshall L. Frank

Marshall Frank
Marshall Frank retired as captain from the Metro-Dade Police Department in Miami, Florida, where he spent the majority of his thirty years investigating murders or commanding those who did.

Thanks to the advice of a notorious Miami Beach bookie, and thoughtful stepfather, Marshall found his niche in law enforcement by joining the Dade County Sheriff's Office in 1960, rising through the ranks to captain.

Frank's career covered the gamut of high stress police assignments, including Internal Affairs, Criminal Intelligence and sixteen years in Homicide - seven as a detective and nine more in a command status.

Marshall headed over one thousand homicide investigations; testified in over one hundred murder trials; was shot in the line of duty in 1965; initiated a department program for developing methods to lift fingerprints from human skin. He has traveled extensively across the U.S. and abroad in various police and security management capacities and authored numerous editorials and magazine articles pertaining to issues of crime, violence, law, and other social ills. Marshall's last arrest was that of five police officers charged with the beating death of an unarmed motorcyclist, the infamous "McDuffie" case. Their subsequent acquittal led to the Miami riots in May of 1980 and another eighteen brutal killings of innocent people. That same month, Frank was invited to testify before the United States Congress about violent crime in America.

Now a respected author, novelist, and speaker, Marshall lives in Melbourne, Florida, and is a regular editorial columnist for The Smoky Mountain News and The Asheville Citizen-Times.

Melbourne, Florida, USA

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