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Senator and Former Mayor
Larry Campbell

"There is no way in hell that the United States' drug policy is going to be my moral compass when it comes to this."

Larry Campbell
Senator Larry Campbell was elected Mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia in 2002, running on a platform that called for, among other things, creation of the first supervised injection sites for drugs in the Western Hemisphere. Born in 1948 and raised in Brantford, Ontario, Larry worked as a steelworker in his early years. After moving to Vancouver in 1969, he worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, becoming a member of the Drug Squad in 1973. He changed careers in 1981 and established the first Vancouver District Coroner's office. In 1996 Larry was appointed BC Chief Coroner at a time when drug overdose deaths in the province skyrocketed to as high as 400 deaths per year.

Larry advocated publicly for drug use to be considered a health issue and has been instrumental in focusing international attention on that issue. He helped develop the Four-Pillar Approach to Vancouver's drug crisis - enforcement, treatment, prevention and harm reduction. Larry retired as BC Chief Coroner in 2000, but continued to advocate on behalf of the thousands of people suffering from drug-related harm. In 2005 Larry resigned as Vancouver's Mayor and was appointed to the Canadian Senate.

Senator Larry Campbell is one of the great leaders in political office when it comes to a sane and sensible drug policy. During his first year as Mayor he set in place the supervised injection sites he had called for and today those sites supervise over 600 injections per day. Mayor Campbell says if this policy keeps people from contracting AIDS, Vancouver will break even on the funding and each additional person not contracting that terrible illness adds money to the city coffers of Vancouver.

Larry worked as a private consultant, and provided forensic services for both industry and government. As well, Larry was a script writer for the Gemini award-winning television series Da Vinci's Inquest, which chronicles the life of a Vancouver coroner.

Larry has a degree in public administration and a Masters of Business Administration. He and his family live in Point Grey.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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