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Former Military Police Officer
Former U.S. Army MP

"By ending prohibition, the drug war will be decisively won without firing a single shot."

John Amabile
Kyle Vogt first experienced the human cost of the illegal drug trade as he was growing up. He became aware of the ravages of drug abuse from an early age, seeing several friends go to jail or die, and witnessing the failure of the drug war to make the streets safer. Following a religious awakening he put the experiences behind him and joined the army as a Military Policeman, serving in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps for over four years. He served in the military police corps as a beat cop, armorer, weapons instructor, combat lifesaver, and body guard for a general officer.

"I went into law enforcement because I wanted to do something good and honorable. I wanted to go after bad people, catch them and remove them from society, thus making my community a safer, better place," he says. "I wanted to take dangerous people off the streets. I specifically decided to enter the military police corps to be better trained and equipped to deal with those kinds of people."

Following his return to civilian life, he had put behind him all consideration of the drug war and its costs. Then his adult son got arrested for simple possession of marijuana (less than twenty grams). Vogt interceded and began talking to anyone he could find and spending significant time researching the law. He spoke with law enforcement professionals, lawyers and former judges. They all told him the sad truth, that in relation to the drug war, the judicial system is designed to take victims for the maximum that it can, and keep those people in the system for as long as possible.

Thankfully, Vogt was able to keep his son out of jail. Every year, though, many others are not so lucky. "Not only have we wasted untold billions of dollars, but we have squandered thousands of lives in the process of carrying on this failed policy." Kyle Vogt continues the fight against prohibition of all drugs, for everyone else's sons and daughters.

Today, Mr. Vogt is a small business owner in Florida, and a pillar of his community and church. He knows that "...this is not a crime issue, but a health and spiritual issue," and focuses on education and enlightenment as the means to end drug prohibition.


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