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Kyle Kazan

Kyle Kazan
Kyle Kazan gained recognition as an expert in gang and drug identification and eradication during the time spent as an officer in Los Angeles County's Torrance Police Department, the sixth-largest department in the county. He twice led his department in felony arrests. He also testified as a court certified expert in drug sales. Kyle's work as a foot soldier in the war on drugs gave him insight into the futility and waste of drug prohibition.

Seeing the same people come through the system again and again, Kyle realized that drug prohibition doesn't stop people from using drugs. But that system costs an exorbitant amount of money, more than a trillion dollars in the 40 years of drug war-money that could be better spent on education. After a friend introduced him to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Kyle realized his experiences and observations were similar to those of LEAP's membership; 15,000 police, judges, prosecutors, and others-all of whom recognize that the existing drug policies have failed to stop or alleviate, crime, drug abuse, addiction, juvenile drug use, or the flow of illegal drugs into this country. "In fact," says Kyle, "by fighting a war on drugs, the government has increased these societal problems. The cost of incarcerating millions of drug users and sellers is astronomical, and drug-prohibition-related violence creates great danger and suffering not only for communities but also for law enforcers."

"Cops have to enforce crazy laws," he says. "But the reality is that those crazy laws are still the law, and most of my police friends are out there enforcing them. It's in the public good to abolish the drug laws, to stand up and say, 'Since I support my buddies, I would like to change the law so they won't have to endure the prohibition-related dangers and violence anymore."

Kyle is quick to say he isn't in favor of drugs nor condoning drug use but he points to how the old adage about the definition of insanity applies to both drug addiction and our continued drug policy-- doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

"I live in the gang capital of the world," he explains, "and when you look at violent gangsters in LA, they make their money mainly through selling illegal drugs. I'd like to take their income away and put those folks out of business."

Today Kyle Kazan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Beach Front Properties Management. In addition to speaking on behalf of LEAP, he frequently presents on panels in the Real Estate Industry and is quoted often by the media. Mr. Kazan is a graduate of the University of Southern California where he played on the varsity basketball team.

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