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Jerry Cameron
Jerry Cameron spent a considerable part of his seventeen-year law enforcement career in the "war on drugs." Not only was he Chief of two small town departments for a total of eleven years, he is also a graduate of the 150th Session of the FBI National Academy, the DEA Basic Drug Enforcement Course, and two DEA Advanced Drug Enforcement Professional Institutes. Cameron participated as a front line warrior in street enforcement and consequently was recognized nationally for developing a street enforcement technique known as "Operation Pressure Point." He has been published in The Police Chief, The Florida Police Chief, and Law & Order magazines. He was a full time faculty member of the Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida where he taught drug interdiction, roadside interrogation techniques, police ethics, and management.

Jerry Cameron
Toward the end of his career Cameron began to question the efficacy as well as the morality of the "war on drugs." When he began doing serious research on this subject, he concluded that the "war on drugs" was a not only a total failure but that it had caused tremendous damage to society. The simple truth was that not one benefit could be identified and a myriad of unintended destructive consequences were evident. In fact, the war proved counterproductive to every one of its stated goals.

Cameron has seen first hand the devastation of neighborhoods, perversion of the law enforcement mission, and the squandering of resources that are the result of prohibition. Today he speaks out against decades of failed policy and encourages the "re-legalization" of drugs. He believes that this is the only way to decrease the amount of drugs falling into the hands of our children, to make room for violent offenders to serve their full terms in our prisons, and to return law enforcement to its legitimate function of protecting our citizens.

Cameron provides audiences with a look at the failed "war on drugs" through the eyes of a front line veteran. He has presented to audiences across this country and in England, Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Canada. His activities include; meeting with members of Congress, state legislatures, members of Parliament, as well as law enforcement officials and researchers around the world. He has done hundreds of TV, radio, and newspaper interviews. Debates, panel discussions, and presentations to civic organizations are always eye opening experiences when Chief Cameron uses his vast personal experience and many years of research to shed new light on the "War on Drugs."

Saint Augustine, Florida, USA

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