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Retired Undercover Narcotics Agent
Fred Martens

"You can get over an addiction but never a conviction"

Fred Martens
Fred Martens served six years as an undercover narcotics agent in the New Jersey State Police before moving on to become one of their administrators. Retiring after a twenty-year career in their narcotics, organized crime, and intelligence sections, Martens was quickly snapped up as the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Crime Commission. There Fred was responsible for the investigations into organized crime and public corruption. Martens' last investigation was centered on the then current Attorney General of Pennsylvania (who subsequently pled guilty to a mail fraud indictment and received 14 months in prison). Fred then spent some time as the Director of Loss Control/Corporate Investigations for the Claridge Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, before joining Thacher Associates of New York City, where he is currently engaged in corporate investigations.

A sought after national and international lecturer, Fred has published numerous articles on organized crime and police intelligence; including the text, Police Intelligence in Crime Control (1983). Martens is on the faculty of The College of New Jersey, where he lectures on the issues of terrorism and organized crime. Fred holds two Masters Degrees; one in Sociology from Fordham University the other in Criminal Justice from the City University of New York. His baccalaureate degree is from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.

Fred believes the "war on drugs" was an unnecessary activity from its inception and that the war itself has only initiated and expanded criminal activity throughout the world while destroying countless lives (lost to prison or death), corrupted innumerable law enforcement officials, and annually wasted tens of billions of United States taxpayers' dollars. "Drug Prohibition must be ended before we can ever find an answer to this calamity of unintended consequences."

Haledon, New Jersey, USA

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