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About Fabio Braga

Forensic Police Officer
Forensic Police Officer, Federal District of Brazil

"My experience as a forensic police officer, the many tragic events that I could see, and some readings and reflections made me become an anti-prohibitionist."

Fabio Braga
Fabio Vasconcelos Braga works as a forensic police officer of the Policia Civil do Distrito Federal (the civil police of the Federal District of Brazil). From 2002 to 2009, he was in charge of investigations and analysis of violent death crime scenes. Since 2009, he has been in charge of scientific criminal investigations and analysis of evidentiary materials (questioned documents and handwriting), as well as investigations related to informatics. Fabio holds a BSc in Physics and a BA in Law.

Investigating violent deaths soon changed Fabio's initial belief that drug prohibition is an effective way to manage drug problems. Murders in the capital of his country, the Federal District of Brazil (which includes Brasilia), usually happen in extremely poor neighborhoods, in which the most basic human rights are not guaranteed. During the seven years he worked in this environment, Fabio could see drug dealers and drug users both as murderers and victims of a daily and vicious circle of tragedy. In this social microcosm, he found verification that the "war on drugs" policies do nothing to reduce the problems associated with drugs. He believes drug use, abuse and addiction are social problems - not law enforcement matters.

"I am very interested in participating with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition," he says, "especially to divulge its main ideas in Brazil. I believe that through working with LEAP for the legalization of all drugs, I will be more able to contribute to building a fairer society in Brazil.