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Former Prosecutor
Charles Rowland, II, Esq.
Former Prosecutor

"If we stop spending on punishment, we can do better on education."

Charles Rowland,II
Charles M. Rowland II has a unique perspective for viewing America's war on drugs. As a special prosecutor, a defense attorney and an elected School Board member he understands the harm to society from prohibition related crime, the lives in ruin and the challenges of raising children to be drug free.

Mr. Rowland joins LEAP with a mission. He wants to see ending prohibition become a main stream discussion and he is dedicated to that effort. While working as a prosecutor in Xenia, Ohio, he was also serving on the local mental health board-it was then he realized our priorities are askew. Fighting the war on drugs through punitive policies is having an adverse effect on our Constitution and wasting money that could better be used elsewhere.

Mr. Rowland earned his Political Science Degree from Wright State University before finishing his JD at Ohio Northern. Today he is in private practice in his hometown of Beavercreek, Ohio. Mr. Rowland has been a trial attorney since beginning his practice in 1995. He has served as a Special Prosecutor for Greene County, the Xenia City Prosecutor, as counsel for the Greene County Public Defender's Office and has helped indigent clients in consumer related cases with Southeastern Ohio Legal Aid Services.

Beavercreek, Ohio, USA

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