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Sheriff Bill Masters

Telluride, San Miguel County, Colorado
LEAP Advisory Board Member

"We need to kick our nation's drug war addiction"

Sheriff Bill Masters
Sheriff Bill Masters fought the "Drug War." He was good at it. He even won an award from the Drug Enforcement Agency. Through his real-world experiences as a law officer, Masters concluded drug prohibition must be repealed. He discovered the drug war is itself an addiction, more damaging to the fabric of American society than drugs could ever be." Scholars and policy leaders such as Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman, Superior Court Judge James P. Gray, and Governor Gary Johnson agree: the drug war does more harm than good and corrupts law enforcement, politics, and community values. Masters has served as sheriff of San Miguel County (Telluride), Colorado, since 1979, and he is the nation's first Libertarian sheriff. He argues police should spend their time getting violent criminals off the streets. He also seeks cultural renewal in our nation by returning to the principles of personal responsibility, simple laws, and limited government. In his book "Drug War Addiction," Sheriff Bill Masters explains why we need to kick our nation's drug war addiction.

An excellent speaker on drug policy reform, Bill is sought out by civic and professional organizations across the United States to provide his explanations of alternatives to the US policy of a war on drugs.

Telluride, Colorado, USA

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