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Annual Youth Day: Matthew Fogg

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March 8, 2015 11:00 am
End Date:
March 8, 2015 12:30 pm
Mt. Gilead Baptist Church
Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, 1625 13th St., NW, Washington, DC, United States

This year, we will be conducting the youth day differently. We will not have a preacher this year to preach to our youth but a motivational speaker and community activist to relate to our youth. Our speaker for Youth Day will be Mr. Matthew Fogg, Chief Deputy US Marshal (Ret). Mr. Fogg’s bio is enclosed.

Our theme is “Saving our Sons and Daughters from Jails, Drugs, and Gangs.” Our aim is to position God in our children and youth’s minds, hearts, and spirits, so that God may win in the warfare for our young people’s future. We must stop the vicious cycle that is robbing our youth of their dreams, hope, and future. Did you not know that during the South African apartheid, the prison rate for black male South Africans, under immensely unfair laws, was 851 per 100,000. In America today, young black men face a rate of imprisonment effectively ten times that number.

Several studies have concluded that overall, more black males are in prison than are enrolled in colleges and universities. Based on 1998 data, a 15-year-old urban African-American male faces a much higher probability of being murdered before reaching his 45th birthday than white males. According to Michael Skolnik, the Editor-In-Chief of, “There are more black men in prison or jail, on probation or parole RIGHT NOW than slaves in 1850.”

How can a society survive when 1 in 9 children has an incarcerated parent? That is the current state of black America compared to 1 in 57 white children. How can a society have the prospect of a bright future when, based on statistics, we can predict that one in three black men will spend time in prison at some point during his life? We not only must have straight talks with our youth but we also must work to eradicate systematic injustice, and racist policies designed to supply Black males to privatized prisons.
IF you have youth in your neighborhood, or household or cousins or friends, please invite them to come or do what the Bible says, “compel” them to come. This service could change everything.

Also performing will be a dance troop “DANCE VISIONS OF ARTS,” which is composed of talented and gifted teen dancers under the direction of Brittany Clark CEO/ Artistic Director, Dance Visions of Art.

After Mr. Fogg’s speech, there will be a panel discussion on “Saving our Youth from Jails, Drugs, and Gangs.”